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The Move.

Posted in Personal with tags , , , , , , , , on February 22, 2010 by Kyle Barry

I’m moving out of my cousin’s basement this weekend and will now be contributing to society like a normal human being.  It’s exciting.  I found a place in Humboldt Park right near Hipsterville…I mean Wicker Park. It’s by no means a lavish environment but it does provide me a place to lay my head at night.  It’s a cozy little dumpster in the back alley of…NO. I need to be serious for once.  It’s an actual real apartment that I will be sharing with two other guys.  They seem normal enough and it’s just a few feet from the bus stop that I will be taking to work so I won’t have to burn any unnecessary calories.  It’s certainly a win win.  In fact it’s a whole lot of win.  You know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, here’s a visual:

On a completely unrelated note, Emily (my lovely partner in crime) and I attended the Chicago Auto Show.  It was not as impressive as we had both hoped but I did get to see some a nice a automobiles. (You really need a good Italian accent for that one.  Think Mario and Luigi.)  Porsches, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Lotuses, and a Toyota Corolla.  Seriously though, for all you car geeks out there…it was a pretty good turnout.  Here’s a list of all the beautiful pieces I will someday own.  That lottery better hurry up and get won by me.

Nissan GTR

Audi R8

BMW M3 (which I got to sit in and almost wet myself)

Maserati Granturismo

Lotus Exige and  Evora

Mercedes SLS AMG (the gullwing)

Acura ARX-02a prototype

Fisker Karma electric concept

Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo

The list just goes on.  Actually, it doesn’t and that’s why I was disappointed.  There weren’t very many concept cars and many of the companies weren’t even showing their top-of-the-line vehicles.  Audi didn’t have the RS4 or RS6.  They didn’t even have an A8 for that matter.  There was no M5 or M6 from BMW and Porsche only had three models, one of which being the appalling Panamera.  It looked like a retired football player.  Gross.  Long story short, it was disappointing but I guess for 6 bucks I shouldn’t be complaining.  I would’ve paid that much just to sit in some guy’s BMW out in the parking lot.  Also, I got to skip church, so double bonus.  Just kidding…but seriously.

Be prepared because my next post may very well come from my new abode.  Get pumped.  I know I am.


2010 fo sho

Posted in Personal with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 12, 2010 by Kyle Barry

Yeah, it’s been what…about 4 or 5 months since I’ve posted anything on here?  Big deal, wanna fight about it?  Who am I kidding, I’d lose.  So it’s February Freezuary and I thought now would be a good time to explain what’s been going on for the last 1/3 of a year.

I’ve become recently employed by West Elm, which is a modern furniture store similar to IKEA but with higher quality products.  I work in the stockroom pushing heavy boxes onto and off of trucks.  It’s nothing special but every two weeks,  Cha-ching.  Okay not really.  It’s something though and I’ve been needing income for a while now.  I’m still looking for a respectable job in the graphic arts field but there’s not much out there.  It’s a cold, harsh environment for recent college grads.  I applied for a junior graphic design position and was turned down because I didn’t have enough experience.  Let me repeat that, a JUNIOR graphic design position.  How bogus is that?  If you’re still thinking about it, the answer is VERY BOGUS.  It’s crunch time.  Bottom of the ninth.  Sudden death overtime.  I need to find another job to cover future rent, loans and food or I may have to do the unthinkable and…move back home.  Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh.  (That was supposed to be the dramatic sound you hear right before a show cuts to commercial.)  Hopefully it won’t come to that and some creative agency will reach out and pick me up.  And offer me a six figure salary.  And give me a Ferrari as a company car.  Oh, alright, I don’t need the six figure salary, just the company car.

Two-sided, that's how I roll.

In other news, I became productive a little while back and not only got myself some business cards, but finished my portfolio to the point where I’m not embarrassed to show it to anyone.  I’ve gone to some interviews and felt pretty good, but obviously, nothing doing there.  Something will come up.  Either that or I win the lottery.  But hey, that scenario is a win-win so my future can’t be that bleak.  Anyways, here’s a shot of the cards.  45 bucks goes a long way at Kinko’s and they still look halfway decent. When I start raking in that six figure salary I’ll splurge on some nice offset cards or something.  If you can’t design and execute on a budget, you’re toast.

Besides that, it’s been pretty straightforward.  Living in a basement, taking public transportation and having my wallet sucked dry by Chicago’s 10.25% sales tax.  What’s not to love about a city that’s on the brink of bankruptcy?  To be honest, it’s really the Chipotle that’s costly but it’s so dang good.  Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet update.  If there’s anyone left.  I’ll do my best to get back on a weekly schedule. We’ll see how that goes.  Peace be the journey.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  No more snow.  Winter blows chunks.